Care Peru received a USAID DIV grant to provide drinking water using SolarBags



Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) is a popular contest from USAID looking for solutions to the world most challenging problems. This program seeks for new methods to resolve difficulties for millions of communities around the world. Care Peru worked with Puralytics and its distributor in Peru, Bluewaves, to submit a grant proposal that got awarded by USAID.

The key emphasis for this innovation is to improve the quality of drinking water in the lower Amazonian rural populations that are affected by recurrent flooding. It is also challenging to implement conventional water supply systems due to its high cost, the vulnerability of the area and the State's investment will not reach the medium term.

This particular innovation, the SolarBag, treats water at the household level using a nanotechnology device and solar radiation to improve water quality. In situ improvement of artisanal collection and storage of stream water will be promoted, since this water source is found to be of excellent quality and extends the life of SolarBag.

 “This project combines Care Peru knowledge of the field and expertise to implement projects in remote areas of Peru, together with our easy to use, easy to deploy portable purifier. We are excited to see how people get access to safe drinking water thanks to our technology” said Marta Ferret, Puralytics Project Manager.

Three months after the first distribution, the units have been accepted in all households participating in the project and used day-to-day.  Care Peru is monitoring the project closely to make sure that the community is using the devices properly.

After the implementation of this mission funded by USAID and once the invention is validated in the field (design and compliance with technical specifications, qualified with the health sector and approved by government agencies, this SolarBag would be eligible for public funding by the local government.

JULY 26, 2017