Pure Water for the Planet

Puralytics has developed a patented photochemical water purification process using only light energy either from LEDs or sunlight to activate an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh. Water is purified through simultaneous photochemical reactions, sterilizing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. There are no chemical additives and 100% of the water is purified. Puralytics® products, SolarBag and Shield, set new standards for sustainability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Destroying Contaminants with Light

“Photocatalysis, the core patented technology”

Puralytics’ ® core technologies are reactors using a proprietary catalyst material and light energy, reacting an assembly of nanoparticles that purifies water without the material being degraded or wasting water.  It can be used multiple times, minimizing waste and disposal problems associated with physical water treatment technologies which collect contaminants instead of breaking them down. 

LEDs excite a nanotechnology coated mesh creating hydroxyl radicals which:

  • Kill pathogens (EPA/WHO)

  • Destroy chemicals

  • Adsorbs heavy metals


Combines 5 photochemical processes delivering: disinfection, trapping of heavy metals through adsorption, breaking apart organic contaminants, deployed in self contained modules, stand-alone or system components, scalable to larger areas or flows.


Advanced Disinfection and Detoxification

The Puralytics Processes are very effective at removing a wide range of contaminants from water. Here are some example contaminants that Puralytics Processes can break down or inactivate:



Puralytics is recognized as an industry leader in water purification technology.

  • 2017 Plug and Play Tech Center New Materials
  • 2015 Backpackers Gear Test - Great Concept Award
  • 2014 BlueTech Research Disrupt-o-meter Award, Most Innovative and Disruptive Water Technology
  • 2014 USTechH2.O Exemplary US Water Technology
  • 2013 International Water Association Global Honour Award for Drinking Water Supply
  • 2013 Innovation in Sustainability Award
  • 2013 BlueTech Innovation Tracker Award
  • 2012 Inc Magazine Top 8 Best Water Investment
  • 2012 5 Star GIIRS Rating from BLabs
  • 2011 Cleantech National Investor Conference "Most Fundable"
  • 2011 Global Cleantech 100
  • 2011 Zino Green Fund, Best Cleantech Investment
  • 2011 The Artemis Project, named a Top 50 Water Technology Company
  • 2011 TechCrunch Award finalist in the Cleantech category
  • 2010 ImagineH2O finalist twice for both water and energy efficiency
  • 2010 National Grandprize in the Cleantech Open, Best Cleantech Business
  • 2010 Global Water Intelligence, Water Investment Idol